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Neko Hako, translated to Cat Box in Japanese, is a monthly mailing service dedicated to providing our feline furballs with eco-friendly merchandise. This service provides customizable and seasonable products to your cat, all secured in a reusable storage box for all your cat toys, food and costumes if you'd like to include your fur-baby in the holiday's festivities. Say goodbye to the days of stressing over which brands are truly good enough for your cat. Neko Hako provides products that are personable to you and your cat's needs.


Our method of showcasing Neko Hako was to target those who treat their cats like family, and want to provide them with the best of the best. Our brand voice is punny, playful laid-back and young, as is our visual identity. We wanted to avoid our brand feeling sterile and mainstream to have our voice and visuals stand out from general pet brands that lack a personal touch.


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